Being let down.

We have all experienced one (or more) of these feelings, haven’t we? We know the pain that comes from someone we love and respect doing something that goes against all we believe in; all they believe in.

And it hurts.

It hurts because we can’t believe our friends or family could do something so hurtful; so wrong.

And it makes us angry.

We ask, “How dare they?” “How could they?” “What were they thinking?”

And it makes us sad.
People rarely realize the impact their decisions have on others. People often fail to look beyond the present moment to see all the collateral damage one wrong decision can make. People do not always recognize the fact that the hurt and the tears will spread like wildfire.

We hurt because people disappoint us.

We hurt because too often we see a reflection of ourselves in the poor choices of others.

When I learn that someone I love dearly has done something that could, at best, be classified as “stupid,” I feel all sorts of righteous indignation, anger, and even moral superiority.

And then I remember.

I remember how I have disappointed others. I remember my own acts of betrayal. I remember when I have let people down.

Then I think about the night before the crucifixion. Peter betrayed Jesus three times. After the third time, Jesus and Peter made eye contact and Peter wept bitterly (Luke 22:61). The ultimate disappointment; the ultimate betrayal; the ultimate let down.

And what did Jesus do next?

He hung on the cross and died so that Peter would be forgiven. So that I would be forgiven. So that all who have disappointed me would be forgiven.

And that is a love that never disappoints.

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