When Jesus Enters

So they were all waiting for the Messiah. They had been waiting for hundreds, even thousands, of years. When He finally arrived, they praised Him.

“Hosanna. Hosanna in the highest.”

People laid their cloaks on the ground before Him. They waved palm branches at Him. They worshipped Him.

And five days later they yelled, “Crucify Him!”

He made the mistake of not being what the people thought He was supposed to be. The people were waiting for a mighty warrior; not the son of a carpenter. They were waiting for a revolution; not a message of peace. They were waiting for mighty king riding into town on a warhorse; not a homeless man riding into town on a donkey.

They were waiting for deliverance, but only if it was the type of deliverance they wanted. Palm Sunday was a great day. It still is a great day to remember Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem to bring about salvation for all people.

But the greatness of the day did not last because the people did not recognize what they were seeing.

Am I any different?

If Jesus were to arrive today, would I recognize Him? Would I act like the people in Jerusalem: offer Him my praise, be moved to cry out “Hosanna” in His presence, only to crucify Him a few short days later? Don’t I already have in my mind who I think Jesus is? When He challenges those thoughts, will I allow myself to be moved by Him or will I move to silence Him?

Often I say I want Jesus in my life. Do I? Or do I only want my conceptualization of Jesus?

How often do I miss Jesus because He doesn’t look like what I want Him to look like?

Today starts Holy Week. Today is Palm Sunday; the day Jesus enters the city.

Jesus is entering today.

Is He changing me? Or am I still trying to change Him?

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