When Jesus Enters…Friday


The day Jesus died. He was whipped, mocked, spat on, beaten up, laughed at.

For you. For me. For everyone.

The curtain of the Temple was torn in two. Not only were all Jews now able to enter the presence of God; all people were able to experience the presence of God: Jews, Gentiles, Romans, thieves hanging on crosses, disciples who abandoned Him, prostitutes, liars, cheats, murderers, even crooked politicians.

Friday was the day for all of them. It was the day that changed everything for everybody.

It was a day of hatred; but it brought about love.

It was a day of violence; but it brought about peace.

It was a day of judgment; but it brought about mercy.

It was a day when sides were drawn; but it brought about unity.

Friday was a day that changed everything. But the story was not complete.

There was still more to come…

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