Two Quick Questions

I did not get my Monday post completed this week, so I did not post anything yesterday. I thought about just skipping it until Thursday. But I feel compelled to ask two questions and today:

1. Are you hurting today or are you feeling like today is going to be a good day?

2. Will you share your answer with somebody today?

2 thoughts on “Two Quick Questions

  1. 1. As I struggle with the passing of one of our church members I find myself feeling both…
    2. Yes, I will share where I am today. And then praise God for the community that He has surrounded me with that I can lean upon during times like this.

    • Thank you for sharing, Curtis! I think we need to acknowledge those times we feel both at the same time. It’s not weird or odd; it’s the human experience! And I praise God with you for people in my life I can share with. I just pray everyone has that type of community.

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