Follow-up: #nomoreporn

I need your help.

On Monday, I shared this post about what I need to do to stop porn. I ask that you it, comment on it, and share it. Let’s get this conversation going among as many people as possible. Let’s be as loud as we can about the destructive nature of pornography. Let’s brainstorm and implement ideas that can bring about the end.

Let’s even start a hashtag movement: #nomoreporn


  • Because our daughters and sons are more than their private parts.
  • Because sexuality is beautiful when shared appropriately.
  • Because kids are becoming addicted at younger and younger ages.
  • Because you are beautiful the way you are.
  • Because I value your humanity.
  • Because I do not want young women trafficked in this country anymore.

What else can you add?


After sharing my post on Monday, a friend shared a story with me: there is a woman whose partner wants them to watch porn together. She does because she thinks that’s what she needs to do to be a good spouse. She cries most of the time because she knows she cannot live up to the images and activities portrayed on the screen.

And that is one of the dangers of pornography: it cannot deliver what it promises. Porn is to sexual intimacy what the WWE is to athletics. It is fake. It is contrived. It is nothing more than actors being told what to do.

If we are going to help bring an end to the destruction the porn industry wreaks on our culture, we must start talking about it. Parents, we need to be talking to our kids. We need to be talking about sexuality in healthy and appropriate ways.

It’s embarrassing.

It’s uncomfortable.

It’s necessary.

These are conversations we need to have. We need to be sharing stories with one another: stories of struggle and redemption. Stories of purity and triumph. Stories of temptation and turning to spiritual guides for help. Stories of our own journeys through adolescence.

Are you willing to take part in bringing an end to porn? Are you willing to do what is necessary to limit the access your children may have—even if it is no more than having conversation? Are you willing to share your story? Are you willing to encourage those who do?

We can end it. But we need each other’s help.

Please share this post, and the previous post, and share your ideas, your triumphs, your hashtag. It’s a movement: #nomoreporn

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