The Day After

Today, I am sharing a post I wrote 7 months ago on the day after Easter. I think it is still relevant for the day after Christmas. Today is just another day. No excitement, no fanfare, no bells and whistles. Just life. Will you remind me that the promise of the baby is still true? Will you remind me that He is risen?

A Second Time Paul

The Day After.

It’s often a day of disappointment. Remember all those December 26ths growing up? No? Why not? Because the excitement was on the 25th. The excitement was on the day of celebration; not the day after.

It’s often of day of questioning. Why did we spend so much time on the day before? Was it worth it? Did we actually gain anything? Sometimes, it doesn’t seem like it. The day after allows us to apply hindsight and question everything.

It’s often a day of emptiness. One of the worst days to deal with when a loved one dies is the day after the funeral. Because all of the food has been eaten. All of the stories have been shared. All of the guests have returned home. And you are left to deal with the reality of life with a huge hole in your heart.

It’s often…

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