What is Your Highlight/Lowlight? Please Read and Share!

Today is the day to ask for everyone’s highlight and lowlight. Once a month, I like to share mine and ask my readers to share theirs, too. Our joys and our sorrows are important and should be shared in community. I want to celebrate with you and I want to weep with you.

I originally wrote about highlight/lowlight here.

My highlight this past month (and there have been several) was graduation of the 35th class at FaithWorks of Abilene. I love to see how lives are changed during the course of our 13 week semester. I am grateful to play a small role in that change.

My lowlight is that while my family is getting together for our combined holiday gathering (I call it Christ-giving; others call it Thanks-mas), we will be missing one of my brothers who is sick. I am sad to miss him.

What is your highlight/lowlight? Please share either in the comments here or on my facebook or twitter page. There is strength to be gained in sharing our lives with each other.

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