What’s To Come in 2015 (Blog Update)

As 2015 begins, I have once again chosen a word to guide what my goals will be. My good friend Sean Palmer has greatly influenced me in this. Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I am establishing yearly goals. I am basing all of these goals on one word. Last year, my word was “write.” This year, my word is “health.”

I set several goals last year to work on my writing. I did not meet all them, but I did meet several. Some I realized were not realistic and that was a learning experience. Others I did not meet due to a lack of discipline on my part and that is frustrating. However, I realize I can still push on and work on my writing more this year. (In fact, writing is one element of my health for this year.)

So this year as I embark on improving my health in several areas, I will be adjusting my writing schedule on this blog. I will actually be writing less. Instead of two posts per week as the goal, I will be posting one new post each week on Thursdays. There may be occasion for extra posts throughout the year, but the normal schedule will be each Thursday. I will still be posting one book review and one 12 Step related post each month. On the other two Thursdays, I will be continuing to write about grace and community, especially how they are related to social justice. I will also continue sharing my monthly highlight/lowlight one Saturday a month and hope you will participate with me in that.

As I write less I hope to tweet more, so follow me on twitter at paulmathis2. You can also find me on facebook if you have not already. I hope to encourage, motivate, and agitate* through this blog. I sincerely crave your feedback and input. If you agree, let me know why and share with your friends! If you disagree, push back. I welcome respectful dialogue that has the intent of increasing knowledge and creating community.

I appreciate all of you who read what I post. I especially appreciate the feedback I have received. I look forward to interacting more with all of you in this space throughout the year.


*By agitation, I do not mean to just annoy people for the sake of annoying people. I do hope to challenge the status quo. I do hope to wake people up to the ways they benefit from privilege. I hope to open our eyes to the experience of people right around us. Sometimes, those posts are bothersome, but hopefully dialogue will be created and community will grow.

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