Community Building Challenge: Participate and Share!

I mentioned in my blog post earlier this week that I will be giving a new challenge on the first Saturday of each month during 2015. (Yes, I know this is the second Saturday of January!)

These challenges have three purposes:

Increase Awareness

Grow Community

Build Relationships

If we are going to achieve justice and equality, if we are going to overcome systemic racism, if we are going to attain racial reconciliation, if we are going to admit and push back against our privilege, then we need to be in the business of building relationships. The challenges I present this year have that purpose in mind.

So for the month of January, here is your challenge:

Invite someone into your home who has never been in your home before.

Simple. Just invite someone over. It can be for dinner, dessert and coffee, a movie/game night, or just to sit and talk. But invite someone who has never been in your house before. Sit and talk. Get to know them. Allow them to tell you their story and share your story with them.

This is where it begins. We build relationships by building relationships.

Please participate in these challenges with me this year. Share this challenge with everyone you know. Share your stories! You can talk about them here or on facebook or twitter. But share your stories. Let us learn together how we can successfully create and sustain community.

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