Another Shooting: God, Forgive Us

Another shooting. Another tragedy. Several more victims. Several more families left torn apart. And still we argue.

God, forgive us.

Forgive us for being so consumed with violence.

Forgive us for failing to mourn with victims’ families because we are too busy arguing for our freedom.

Forgive us for sensationalizing and celebritizing people who commit heinous acts.

Forgive us for diverting necessary resources from those who struggle with their mental health.

Forgive us for proclaiming the Gospel of Fox News and not the Gospel of Christ.

Forgive us for treating the NRA as the Messiah.

Forgive us for thinking our political party is more important than the preservation of life.

Forgive us for thinking we can and should kill in the most creative ways possible.

Forgive us for prioritizing convenience over safety.

Forgive us for using tragedy as an excuse to continue insulting our President.

Forgive us for yelling at each other instead of crying with the victims.

Forgive us for thinking our identities lie with an elephant or a donkey instead of with the Lamb.

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