Just wherever you are, whatever you are doing…breathe.

Take a deep breath in. Hold in. Now slowly exhale.

Do it again.

Re-read those four lines as often as you need to.

Really. I mean it.


When you have followed these instructions as much as you need to (and you probably need to more than you care to admit) come back and read the rest of the post. I’ll wait. The words will still be here.



Okay. I am going to trust that you did it. Breathing is something we take for granted. We figure since we are still alive, we must actually be breathing. And I guess to some extent, that is true. Biologically speaking, we must breathe in order to survive. So since we are surviving there is some level we are all breathing.

But breathing can do so much more than help us barely maintain our lives. Breathing is healing. Breathing slows us down. Breathing can slow our physical bodies which can slow our minds and vice versa. Breathing can hopefully help us slow down enough to be able to go sleep.

But we don’t take time to do it enough. So I want to challenge you to breathe. Slow down. Take a deep breath in. Hold it. Slowly exhale. Repeat. Give yourself the time you need to slow down.

Now go back to the top of this post and do it all over again.

You need it.

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