Moving From Saying to Doing

I want to learn how to break away from putting faith and trust in civic government. Lent Week 1, Day 4.


Jesus didn’t have to go through a series of primaries before being named the Messiah. Jesus didn’t participate in a bunch of debates to clearly state which direction the Kingdom of God needed to take. Jesus didn’t have a PR department managing the online presence and creating catchy commercials.

Jesus did not represent one part of the people. (Or one party, for that matter.) Jesus trusted God. Jesus lived life believing there was a God-ordained purpose. Jesus loved people. Jesus taught truth. Often, truth the listeners did not want to hear. Jesus did not care about image. Jesus did not care about platform.

Jesus calls me to the same standard. Do I love all people? Truly? Or do I act with righteous indignation when my side is in power and like a pitiful martyr when the other side is in power? Am I by my behavior indicating that one of the sides is actually closer to Jesus? Am I failing to start with Jesus before working my way into any ideology?

Am I willing to begin every day by starting in the presence of Jesus? What if I read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) every morning? What if I said the Lord’s Prayer?

What if I took all the blue and/or red decorations off my wall? What if I replaced all my donkeys and elephants with a lamb and a lion? What if I acknowledged that win or lose (politically) Jesus is still in charge? What if I prayed for eyes to see people the way God sees them? What if I remembered I pledged my life to Jesus?

What if I quit saying all the right things and actually start doing them?

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