All Things Are Temporary

It is time for another shift in focus on my blogging journey. The first week, I wrote about no longer placing my faith and trust in civic government. Last week, I considered what it means that my citizenship is in Heaven. This week, I am going to focus on the temporary nature of earthly power.

If you are like me, you have witnessed (and even participated in) several arguments regarding political parties. Social media seems to have made these arguments much worse. In fact, it appears that people in congress now are no longer able to participate in actual conversations because everything is a zero-sum argument: I must be right and you must be wrong.

Among the many things these types of arguments miss is the fact that we are arguing about something temporary. Any particular individual’s rise to power is going to pass. Any government is going to transition, evolve, or even dissolve. So why do we feel the need to get so wrapped up in these arguments?

Further, what does it mean for us that power is temporary? After all, we still live in a specific place at a specific time. So we still have responsibility to those around us.

But how is our responsibility affected when we first acknowledge our temporary nature?

As I continue my journey through the days of Lent, I hope you will journey with me.


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