I want to remember that earthly power is temporary. Lent Week 3, Day 18


When I consider political philosophy and ideology, I am comforted when my side is in power and hopeful when they are not. I remind myself that all things are cyclical, or maybe more accurately like a pendulum. There will always be shifts back and forth.

But I have to admit, it is easier for me to remind people on the losing end that all things are temporary when my side is the winning one.

I need to do a better job reminding myself that when my side wins or loses, my citizenship, my battle, the power I truly believe in, has nothing to do with the world I live in.

So win or lose, I need to remember to keep “my side” in perspective.

So much is out of whack and I think it is because my focus is in the wrong place.

When my focus is in the wrong place, these things happen:

Bold lies told by the people I voted for are ignored or excused.
I am unable to consider any issue with nuance; everything is black or white.
I think an electoral defeat is soul-crushing.
My thoughts and words are more affected by those in office than by God.

However, when my focus is in the right place:

I am able to listen to other people explain their side.
I don’t rise or fall with any election because my citizenship is not an earthly country.
I see people, not policies. So my arguments have to consider people.
When policies negatively impact people, I advocate; I speak truth; I act.


To be honest, my journey so far has not revealed any answers. I am still struggling with how to pull my focus off of worldly powers and place it on heavenly ones. I am still struggling with how to get along with people who support awful measures. I struggle with how to love the people I disagree with.

But maybe that is just my journey. It is not over yet. I must continue moving.

Please journey with me.

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