You Feed Them

I want to hold myself and my church accountable regarding my/our love of people. Lent Week 4, Day 22


This post is real short. It is a command Jesus gives to his disciples that always troubles me. It troubles me because it is convicting. It is demanding. It prevents always taking the easy way out. It means I cannot just assume Jesus or some other group of people will swoop in and solve the problem.

13 When Jesus learned what had happened, He got on a boat and went away to spend some time in a private place. The crowds, of course, followed Jesus on foot from their cities. 14 Though Jesus wanted solitude, when He saw the crowds, He had compassion on them, and He healed the sick and the lame. 15 At evening-time, Jesus’ disciples came to Him.

Disciples: We’re in a fairly remote place, and it is getting late; the crowds will get hungry for supper. Send them away so they have time to get back to the villages and get something to eat.

Jesus: 16 They don’t need to go back to the villages in order to eat supper. Give them something to eat here. (Matthew 14: 13-16, The Voice)

Jesus says, “Nope. Don’t send them home. You feed them here.”

Give the something to eat. You noticed the problem. You saw the need. Now go do something about it.

I see a lot of problems in the world around me. People are in need. People are hurting. People are arguing. People are giving each other the silent treatment.

I say, “Jesus, please send them all away to where they find the solution to their problems.”

Jesus replies, “You feed them.”


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