Making a Decision

There are times in our lives when we do things. Times in our lives when must act. Times in our lives when we produce. Times in our lives when we are judged by what we do.

But before those times can happen, we had to make a choice.


I am great at overanalysis. In fact, overthinking things is one of my special strengths! Maybe you have heard the term “paralysis by analysis.” This is when you think of every angle, every possible outcome, every potential hurdle, every good and bad thing, and a whole lot of imaginary elements, as well. In fact, you spend so much time thinking that you never act because you end up spending more time thinking about the fact that you haven’t started acting yet.

So there is such a thing as too much thinking; too much planning; too much analysis.

However, some of that is needed. It is good to weigh options. It is good to take stock of all the resources you have and what else you may need to add. It is good to be aware of potential hurdles that you will have to jump. It is good to plan.

But in all that planning, it is vital to make a decision. We have to choose to act.

Early on in the process of sobriety, there is a period of self-reflection; a period of awareness. Each addict must recognize what has been going on in their lives. Each individual examines the damage done and comes to a realization that life without the substance would be better.

And at that time, before any other work towards sobriety can be done, the person must make a decision. There was a time when I had to make a decision.


When someone wants to exercise, they make a decision. They pick a gym or a workout routine. They often join a group that can encourage one another and hold each other accountable.

When someone wants to get a job, they make a decision. They examine the job market. They look for places they would like to live and work. They fill out applications. They ask questions of the interviewer.

When someone enters into a relationship, they make a decision. They consider those things about the other person they find attractive. They open up, become vulnerable, and learn about the other person while also sharing about themselves. They learn how to deal with the annoyances and the bad days in order to stay committed.

In these and so many more aspects of our lives, the process begins with making a decision. We decide what we want and then we can begin working towards it.

What are you going to decide to do today?

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