And So We March

And so we march.

We are listening. We have heard and remained silent. We have wept and done nothing else. We have hidden in our cocoons because we are safe while letting others continue to bear the brunt of the evil of this world.

We may not know what to do. We definitely do not have all the answers. But we know we can remain silent no longer. People who need us have been calling to us from the backs of buses and jails in Alabama. People have been waving their rainbow flags asking for us to see them. People have wept over the tombs of young people gunned down yet again for decades.

And so we march.

We will speak up. We will vote. We will have conversations. We will call for change. We will amplify the voices of those who need to be heard. We may not change the world tomorrow, but we will start.

And so we march.28061824_10155389563561094_6689763446225103238_o

One thought on “And So We March

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