Saturday–The Day Of Waiting

I originally intended to write this last post of the 40 day journey as a celebration of drawing this portion of our journey to a close. However, I cannot do that today.

Today is the last day of Lent. Tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday, or Easter. Tomorrow is the celebration that ends the time of waiting, sacrifice, and quiet. Lent is a time for reflection, remembering, and learning to trust more in God. This is period of time that is intended to draw us closer to God. So my posts intended to talk about that journey and I hope they have done that.

Instead of writing today about the completion of 40 days and they celebration that is to come, I want to talk about the day as it is in the liturgical calendar.

Yesterday was Good Friday–the day Jesus died on the cross.

Tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday–the Jesus came out of the tomb.

But today, Saturday, is the day of waiting and darkness.
Friday reminds us that pain exists in the world. Friday reminds us of death and uncertainty.

Sunday reminds us the story is not over. Sunday reminds us that death does not have the final word.

But Saturday…

Saturday is the day that reminds us there are seasons in our lives when we wait; seasons of pain; seasons of doubt; seasons of loss.

Just this week, I have sat with people who are in the midst of some of the hardest pain they have ever endured. They know too well the pain of Friday. They are hoping for the joy of Sunday.

But for now they must sit in the darkness and despair that is Saturday.

Saturday is a day there are no answers. Saturday is a day for hiding away in a room and hoping we are not found.

Sometimes, as we journey, we reach a point where we need to stop and sit and wait. The journey is done. We are not giving up. But we just don’t have the strength to take another step. We just need to sit in the midst of the pain.

And we may not be able to see anything positive in front of us.

And I don’t have any answers for how to get past that.

Because it is Saturday. And Saturday is a day when we have no answers.

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