Post-Thanksgiving Challenge

I believe I benefit from White Privilege.

I believe Black Lives Matter. I believe that every life matters.

I believe what was done in Ferguson was a grave miscarriage of justice.

I believe Christians need to step up and use their voice to advocate for the oppressed.

I believe I am only one person in a small West Texas town and that I do not have a lot of influence. But I believe I should speak up whenever I can.

I am going to participate in a Black Friday boycott and I encourage you to consider the same. In fact, consider boycotting for the next 60 days. Many people in power will not change unless they see their bottom line affected. So affect their bottom line. But more than just taking money from them, pay attention to where your money is spent:

Buy from local people you know.

Buy from stores owned by minority proprietors.

Research large corporations and if they do not stand for justice, do not patronize them.

It is not easy. It may require sacrifice. But if enough of us buy only what is necessary and buy only from people willing to advocate for justice we can make a difference. We can make a change.

The following is borrowed from Julian Long:

I am stepping out of the cycle of hedonistic consumerism.

Yes there are things I want. Even some things I think I need.

But WE need justice and a voice more.
Economic Disparity is a massive part of this system of injustice we are raging against. They hate “looting” and “riots” and make us villains for that?
Then Break the Back of the Beast another way.
And don’t fall for the feel good symbolic okey doke of Boycotting ONE DAMN DAY.Do not boycott Black Friday only to pick up the same deal on Cyber Monday.
Put your money into building the infrastructure of a just nation not reinforcing the infrastructure of an unjust one.
This will NOT be easy.
Accountability never is.
But being mindful of what is ESSENTIAL will help us FOCUS. Convenience and Comfort and Capitalism have lead to our Complacency and lack of focus. This is what the Roman Empire called Bread & Circuses. A fat, fed and entertained populace will let anything pass.
We’ve forgotten that “the Struggle” means sometimes we have to STRUGGLE. We have to eschew the convenient comforts and pursue inconvenient truths, impolite conversations, ugly realities and painful progress.
It’s about to get uncomfortable for us.
But we should really be uncomfortable now.
When a child is sitting in a dirty diaper he acts out and cries out until the filth is changed.
Brothers and Sisters we are sitting in the filth of what American commercialization has done to us. We are sitting in the putrid stink of a system that is utterly and completely co-opted by the wealth and greed of the 1 percent. And we are funding it. We eat the corrupted bread. We support the frenzied spending circuses. We consume what we are fed and the more we consume, the more shit we sit in.
Build the economy of conviction. Focus on the essential and build on what matters. For every Black life snuffed out by rampant unchecked authority you check them by removing dollars from the economy that supports it.
Declare often exactly why you don’t spend so there is no confusion as to where the money has gone- why the coffers of injustices are withering. Proselytize and evangelize and RAGE. So that others might see the example and join in starving the beast and breaking its back. But be loud, clear and committed to your convictions. Pick a time period. Six weeks. Set a personal trackable goal so you can see results in your own life. In your own community. Hold yourself and each other accountable.
We know that the impact of rioting and looting is economic but the optics of it create a conversation that maligns and miscasts us when the media is trained to be sympathetic to the monied system. They WILL miscast our actions as violent and animalistic– they cannot miscast our deliberate inaction. They cannot miscast our refusal to participate. Either way the system will suffer. Both actions are justified- one will change the optics of the conversation against us. Break The Beast’s Back.
-Julian Long